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Oxygen Time Reference Badge Buddy

Oxygen Time Reference Badge Buddy

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Have you experienced just making it to the receiving facility before running out of oxygen! HURRY CONNECT TO THE WALL!!! Or have you been trying to preplan a transport with a patient on CPAP/BiPAP or requiring a high minute ventilation/FiO2 and trying to decide if you would have enough oxygen to do the transport, but for the life of you, you are unable to find the formula to figure that out. I KNOW WE HAVE ALL BEEN THERE!

An extra minute in transport may be a minute too long. A improperly planned transport may cause it to be turned down or result in a poor outcome for your patient.

The Oxygen Time Reference Card gives you all the information needed (except for what the specific patient is requiring) to have the proper information on hand to determine the patient oxygen needs and your ability to meet them.

The cards are the size of a credit card (3 3/8 by 2 1/8) and are about half the thickness of a normal credit card. The cards are a durable waterproof card made of plastic.

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