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Syringe Buddy

Syringe Buddy

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Are you tired of your medication syringe falling out of your pocket or being forgotten on a counter? How about your medication syringe that goes missing in the stretcher abyss? Yeah, I have been there more than I can count! I used this independently for years, and it became a part of my uniform. You can keep your drawn up and ready and be able to find it when you need it!


The Syringe Buddy is simplistic in design. You can hang it from your uniform, equipment bag, or even around your patient's belt straps. The system utilizes a widely used and available Multifunction red cap, which not only functions as a sterile cap for your syringe. It serves as the mechanism that attaches the syringe to the carabineer. You receive 10 Red Caps with each Syringe Buddy and can add additional Red Caps during ordering if you would like. You can also order them from several medical supplies coming for a couple of cents each. *The red caps are the only disposable. And MUST be discarded after each use. 


Here is where we order the red caps -



The carabineer is made out of heavy-duty plastic, making the whole system easy to clean and disinfect, just like the other equipment.

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